Thursday AM Oil Painting: Beginner to Experienced-Oct

$130 usd
Thu Oct 10, 10:00 AM - Thu Nov 7, 12:00 PM (EDT)
Halladay Road, Middlebury  

Thursday AM Oil Painting: Beginner to Experienced

Whatever your level of experience, this class is your laboratory to learn from seeing and expand your command of the oil medium. The first class presents a one night fun painting challenge. For the next four classes, students work on canvas following a painting process that emphasizes form, the dynamics of composition and use of value, intensity, and temperature of color. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury. Teens welcome.

Mary Lower

Painting Instructor
Halladay Road, Middlebury
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